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Real-time onesocialweb push notifications to an Android decice

A short screencast (as support for showing real-time notifications to an Android device in Onesocialweb. This is done using an XMPP transport.

How to Transfer Clash of Clans to a New Phone

Here we quickly show gamers how to transfer their Clash of Clan village and game data from one phone to another. We use Android, but it's just as easy on iOS.

LG Sound Sync

WP7 App for LUCS / Lync

The video shows a way, how customers and companies can communicate with Microsoft Lync and LUCS. In particular, this showcase is an example of a car insurance company called Car SOS. It uses...

Ford's Sync System- How to get started

Get started with Ford & Microsoft Sync's System with these step-by-step directions. Learn how to pair your phone, make & dial a call, use bluetooth audio, AND even use internet radio wirelessly....

EZ LYNK Auto Agent Unveiled from Diesel Ops

The Future of tuning has arrived!

Geely – Volvo’s owner, buys Lotus – sorta! What does it mean to Lotus faithful? #AskMotoManTV EP 27

MotoMan a diehard Lotus cars faithful, shares the big news that Volvo Cars' owner, Geely, has bought at stake in Proton – the Malaysian car manufacturer that owns Group Lotus PLC. With...

Who has access to your data in the Office 365 Service?

When your data is in Office 365, who has access to your data? Director of Program Management, Vivek Sharma and Corporate Vice President of Development, Perry Clarke explain the operating principle...

VW Bus - Essential Buyer's Guide Windows Phone app demo

More info: NEW Features for Windows Phone! - Checklist to keep track on what you should look for when viewing a Bus - Vehicle Notes to add seller...

Collaboration technology inside the CFD Mobile Command Unit

The Calgary Fire Department has one of the most advanced fire trucks you'll ever see. Outfitted with wifi hotspots, LCD displays, phones and computers to communicate with first responders,...

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